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To help further your understanding of the process of working with us, we included PDF copies of our forms, screenshots of the app, and short video clips of the app in action. 

The images and videos are just examples and may not reflect exactly what you will see. However, they are very similar to what you will see. 

The PDFs are the most current forms we use as of this page creation but may change over time. We do our best to keep things updated, but there may be some differences from what you see here and the actual forms we send. Do not attempt to download these forms and send them to us; we use a service to deliver documents. Documents received in any other way will not be accepted.

Review to gain further insight into the process and the tools we use. Remember, each service page, such as strength training and basic nutrition, also provide a description of the process for that service. Review those pages as well before contacting us with questions.​

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Screenshots of the training app

Nutrition summary example
Example training calendar
Client dashboard example
Example workout 1
Example workout 2
Exercise example 1
Exercise example 2
Exercise stat tracking example 1
Exercise stat tracking example 2
Tracking difficulty example
Goal tracking summary example
Food tracking summary example
Macro tracking summary example

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Video clips of the training app

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