New Year, New You: Is it time to make a change?

The New Year is about two weeks away. Is it time for you to make a change? We're not big on New Year's resolution or the "new year, new me" idea. Most people who make these kind of statements never live up to them. Instead, we prefer people who think in advance and make planned goals to achieve in the new year. On the surface it may seem like we're engaged in semantics, but we're not. Read on.

The New Year's resolutioners are far different from the planners. The planners are people who set a goal, determine a plan to meet that goal, and then follow that plan, adjusting as needed. The New Year's resolutioners are people who get this awesome idea, get super excited about, and then don't follow through. Sure they may focus on that resolution for a day, a week, or even a month, but they give up long before reaching the goal. The planners understand that commitment breeds success and that to achieve that success he or she must follow the plan, even if the excitement of it has died.

Take us for example. Every year we set physical training goals for ourselves. We then develop an annual (12-month plan) that is broken down into quarterly (three-month) cycles, and smaller training phases (usually 3-4 weeks). The plan is an outline for success with enough detail to make it comprehensive but simple enough that we can adjust it easily should we need to, and we always need to. That said, we adjust the plan to continue to be successful in the face of adversity, not because we've lost our motivation.

We set goals every year, not resolutions. We are not the fly by night people who make big plans and then give up on them the next week. The people who say "new year, new me" are almost always the people that fail. These people talk out of their ass and often know they'll never follow through with what they say.

So who are you? Are you the planner who will stick to the plan in 2018 or are you the New Year's resolutioner who will burn out after a few weeks? If you ever hope to experience real change, you need to look yourself in the mirror, literally or figuratively, and honestly answer that question.

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