The Importance of Exercise Timing

At the onset of training with us, we require all clients to set specific days and times to perform workouts solo. This applies to both online and face-to-face clients. Face-to-face clients have their face-to-face training sessions set at specific days and times. There are several reasons why we do this:

  • Developing patterns

  • Program adherence

  • Convenience

  • Managing stimuli

  • Recovery

Developing patterns

Developing patterns early on generally leads to the greatest success for clients, as it allows them to fall into habits. When a person repeats an action over time in a set pattern, doing so can become second nature. This practice can lead to greater program adherence and convenience. Program adherence

Adherence to the training program is vital to someone's success. If a person does not engage in the necessary exercise and nutrition strategies outlined by the plan, it minimizes the effectiveness of the plan and does not allow them to reach their goals as quickly, if at all. Falling into a pattern and keeping with it helps a person adhere to the program and achieve the greatest success. Convenience

Convenience can go a long way in allowing someone to be successful. Knowing when a workout will occur or when an individual needs to eat takes the guesswork out of the process. Scheduling workouts, stat taking, and other parts of the process at specific intervals is convenient in the sense that a person can plan appropriately. Managing stimuli

The body is an adaptive machine—we've said this many time. The body will adapt to a given stimulus such as cardio or resistance exercise and become faster or stronger, among other changes. However, the stimulus must occur at regular intervals with enough frequency for the body to create the changes. Randomly exercising or eating right sporadically will not achieve the best results. Recovery

Proper spacing of workouts allows for improved recovery. This is not quite as important when low-intensity workouts are performed, but the greater the intensity, the more important this becomes. It is best to give the body at least 24 hours between hard workouts to allow refueling of the energy systems, recovery from workouts stressors, and to provide a mental break from the training process The takeaway

Performing workouts at set intervals, and indeed setting intervals for other aspects of health and fitness or even life, will aid in your success. As workout enthusiasts before we were personal trainers, this practice helped and continues to help us be successful, both in health and fitness as well as other areas. It is this same approach the helps our successful clients. Be the best you can be.

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