Obesity: The known epidemic of modern times

Every week the news or other media outlets remind us that obesity is an epidemic. If you’re not sure the term fits, look up the definition. Literally millions of people "suffer" from being overweight. We use the term suffer lightly, since many people are the cause of their suffering.

In many instances, the cure for obesity is clear—lose weight through food control and activity. Some people have underlying issues that contribute to, though are usually not totally responsible for, a person's obesity.

A person does not become obese overnight. If you are an obese person, you know this. You know it took years to reach the weight you are now. It will take years for you to lose the weight and gain true health and fitness. However, the end result is success.

Start today, stick with the program, and you will be successful. It will take hard work. Here are few steps to get you started.

Admit there is a problem

In almost every case, the first step to dealing with a problem is admitting there is one. If you don't take responsibility for your obesity and health problems, if you constantly make excuses, or if you tell yourself you're happy with your physical condition, then making changes will be difficulty if not impossible.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Take a deep breath. Admit you have a problem. Cry if you have to, get angry if you have to. Then make a decision to do something about it.

Talk to a doctor

While we would love to tell you to jump head first into a new nutrition and exercise program, we suggest you visit a doctor first. Many obese people have underlying health conditions, whether there know it or not. It is a god idea to have a doctor check you out, determine if any issues are present, and have the doctor provide recommendations or restrictions. This will help you, a trainer, or a nutritionist select the best course of action.

Talk to a fitness professional

Even if you do not have the money for a trainer, nutritionist, or other fitness professional, talk to one. Ideally, find professional such as us who offer a holistic approach, including exercise, nutrition, counseling, and constant support. An individual session is not very expensive and many professionals, us included, will provide you with a free consult. The goal here is to talk to the fitness professional about your goals, what the doctor said, and any other issues you face, while also providing you an opportunity to ask questions and get real answers.

Develop a plan

Whether on your own or with the ongoing support of a doctor and/or fitness professional, create a plan for exercise and nutrition, with the goal of losing weight and improving health. Be sure to put thought into it and create a plan that focuses on now and the future. Create a detailed plan at least three months in advance, with an outline for 12 months. The specifics will vary and should be based on your situation. No cookie-cutter plans.

Implement the plan

Put in the work. Adjust as needed over time. Don't make excuses. Don’t give up.

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