Should You Focus on Strength, Power, Muscular Endurance, or Hypertrophy

When engaging in resistance training, especially early on or as goals change, you might find yourself wondering what type of resistance training is best for you. There is no simple answer, as each person's situation is different. Some people might argue this point, stating one is better than the other, but again, each person's situation is different, so there can be no universal statements as to which resistance training method is better.

Powerlifters need to have strong one-rep maxes on the bench, squat, and deadlift. For this reason, their focus will generally be on strength and power. CrossFitters ideally need to be able to go longer during workouts or move higher volume in a short period, so focusing on muscular endurance and cardio fitness under load is ideal for them. Bodybuilders need to induce hypertrophy, so their major focus will likely be muscular endurance, with a minor focus on strength and power. This is not all-inclusive of the approach to training for these individuals. At the same time, if a person falls into a different category than those mentioned, his or her needs may differ.

With that in mind, we want to talk about resistance training as it applies to general health and fitness. For general health and fitness, it is best to focus on all areas of resistance training listed here. This approach will create a body that is more adept at handling the different stressors of life and improve multiple aspects of fitness simultaneously. Explaining this in greater detail is beyond the scope of a newsletter. If you want to know more about this, let us know. If you are a current client, bring the topic up during your next session. If you are not a current client, contact us .

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