Strength Increases Occur via Multiple Pathways

The idea that a larger muscle is a stronger muscle is widely accepted. However, a person can increase strength without getting bigger. The density of muscle fibers can increase, neurological changes can occur, and the efficiency with which muscles work can improve, among other variables. Some people associate "little guys" being strong to genetics, steroids, or supplement use. However, the attributes mentioned above may be the real reason that an individual experiences strength increases while gaining little to no muscle or even when losing weight. The quality of the training program is essential. Poor quality programs can elicit minimal positive change, but high-quality programs can elicit maximum positive change. Quality programs include both exercise and nutritional strategies. If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out to us by responding to this newsletter or using the contact information above. In the meantime, read the linked articles to find out more about the previously mentioned attributes and other changes in the body that can result in increased strength with little to no increase in muscle size. This post originally appeared on our Facebook page. For more content like this delivered daily, like and follow our Facebook page or Twitter account. You can also find us on Instagram and other sites, such as LinkedIn.

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