The Importance of Measuring and Tracking

If you are a current client of ours, you know we require you to complete body part, body weight, and body fat measurements. We also track performance indicators unique to each client (no two clients have the same goals and workouts).

The body part, body weight, and body fat measurements provide key markers for tracking gains and losses in these areas. We track losses looking for "good" indicators such as a decreases in body fat or waist size while also looking for "good" gains such as an increase in lean body mass, which is an indicator of muscle gained.

The performance measures allow us to gauge an increase in physical ability marked by items such as improved run time, greater strength, or the ability to handle more volume in the same amount of time. These indicators help us track specific goals, such as an increase in strength or speed, while at the same time allowing us to measure improvement in fitness.

If you are not measuring, you are leaving out a key area in your program. If you only track one, a couple, or a few areas, you are off to a good start, but your tracking is lacking.

Your can track these measurments in any manner you like. Paper and pencil, spreadsheet, or an app all work. Our web app provides easy to use tracking features. All of the metrics, such as body measurments and performance measures are all ready there, you just enter your data. Once entered you can via grpahs and charts to see your progress over time.

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