Top Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight can take time, but the steps required to do so are straightforward and simple. The top tips are:

  • Control calories

  • Manage macronutrients

  • Time your food correctly

  • Eat healthy food options

  • Consume foods from a variety of sources

  • Keep eating enjoyable

These six steps may seem simplistic, and that is because they are. The problem with losing weight is not that the steps are hard, but rather than people lack motivation or discipline.

Let's take a close look at each tip.

Control calories Calories in versus calories out are the thing that determines if a person maintains, loses, or gains weight. If a person eats the number of calories his or her body burns, that individuals will maintain weight. If a person eats more, then that individual will gain weight. If a person eats less, then he or she will lose weight.

For example, if you calorie need, which is the number of calories your body burns each day due to normal body processes as well as level of activity, is 2000, then consuming 2000 will result in weight maintenance. If you consume 2100 calories, over time you will gain weight. If you consume 1900 calories, over time you will lose weight.

Barring some special condition, the idea behind weight loss, gain, or maintenance is that simple.

Manage micronutrients When it comes to body composition, health, and performance, one must consider macronutrients, which are proteins, carbs, and fat. The body needs each of these nutrients, though the exact amount a person needs varies upon individual differences. A good starting point for many people might be 40 percent of calories from protein, 40 percent of calories from carbs, and 20 percent of calories from fat.

Time your food correctly You should not, and likely cannot, eat all of your calories at one meal. You should not eat all of your calories at one time of day. The reasons for this are many, but suffice it to say the body needs fuel throughout the day to power the various functions it performs. To provide this fuel, a person must eat throughout the day, from the time he or she wakes until she goes to be. The exact layout varies based on the individual.

Eat healthy food options This suggestion can be ambiguous for some. It simply means to eat whole grains, lean meat, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables as frequently as possible, while minimizing the consumption of processed foods and elements such as alcohol.

Consume foods from a variety of sources Eating a variety of food sources helps prevent food boredom and aids with micronutrient consumption. This topic deserves its own post, as the subject matter is broad in scope.

Keep eating enjoyable You have to enjoy eating. Don't get us wrong; sometimes you might have to suffer through a healthy meal when you want pizza, but as much as possible you should try to keep eating enjoyable. Doing so improves your chances of success. This step includes eating a variety of food options, using a variety of seasonings, switching up food combinations, and having a cheat meal from time to time, among other considerations.

Have questions? Leave a comment. Need help? Contact us. We can create a custom meal plan and deliver it via email and/or provide you a physical copy. You can track your progress in our web app for free.

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