What is a Quality Exercise and Nutrition Program?

Not all exercise and nutrition programs are created equal. And that is OK. From CrossFit to powerlifting, the idea of what a proper training regimen and nutritional strategy should look like varies greatly. At times, proponents of specific programs talk down about the methods employed by other trainers or methodologies. This is a kind of us-against-them mentality. This mentality should have no place in the health and fitness world. One method in itself is not the end-all-be-all of health and fitness. CrossFit, powerlifting, the Clutch program, P90X, Insanity, and bodybuilding styles of exercise and nutrition all have a place in the health and fitness world for the right people. So what is a quality exercise and nutrition program? It is the program that works for you. Understand that this does not mean results by any means necessary, such as steroid use or excessive use of supplementation, and certainly does not mean by methods that are unsafe. Instead, this means if the program offers a proper nutritional strategy and exercise program that is safe and does not require you to consume drugs of some kind, all while helping you achieve results, then that is the program for you. CrossFit works for some people, while powerlifting works for others, while running works for others, while bodybuilding works for others while...well, you get the idea. If CrossFit works for a person, should a powerlifter tell the CrossFitter to start using powerlifting? By that logic, should the CrossFitter tell the powerlifter to start CrossFitting? No, each should support the others decision to be healthier. The us-against-them mentality invades many different topics, from fitness to politics, but I am not here to write about politics or any other topics, only health and fitness. Regardless of the program you use, try to be open minded about other options, even if you do not care to use them. Have polite and professional conversations with others about training methods. You never know, you might learn something new you can use. That is why I am as diverse and fit as I am today. Over the years, I took time to sit with USAPL lifters, NPC bodybuilders, jiu-jitsu black belts, boxing instructors, and runners (as well as continued my health and fitness education through other means). Today, I use the knowledge to keep myself fit and help others lead healthier, happier, lives.

Let us all be supportive of another person's or group's attempts to be fit. If we are all more supportive we may further the health and fitness cause, at the same time battling obesity, diabetes, and a host of other health conditions. Train the mind and the body. Nathan DeMetz

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