Watch out for These Two Fitness Pitfalls

We often cover things that hold people back from success, such as time, nutrition, and "not feeling like" working out. This time, we want to cover possibly the two biggest issues that anyone will face when it comes to success in anything, including health and fitness: ego and mental fortitude. The Ego Monster Now, we do not mean justifiable pride. Every person should have a sense of pride in themselves and the things that he or she has accomplished. This feeling is normal, and we encourage this. Take pride in the things you do right and share them with others in a non-egotistical way. When we state that ego is possibly one of the biggest things that get in a person's way, we mean unwarranted pride or just plain arrogance (ignorance). Some people want to be successful but do not know how to improve yet have too much pride to ask for help. Some people ask for advice but have too much pride to accept and integrate that advice. Obviously, in life, there are times when a person receives bad advice. Clearly, you should ignore that advice once you have properly considered it and logically determined it to be irrelevant. However, in the face of proper advice, if you really want to succeed, you should take that advice. Here is an example. Nathan realizes he does not know everything. He holds a degree and multiple certifications, plus has 15 years in the health and fitness world, but there are still gaps in his knowledge. With this in mind, he is currently furthering his education to better help clients, others who depend on him, and himself. Another example comes from our recent reentry into the world of yoga. Though we practiced some time ago, and can still perform a number of movements, we are not deeply knowledgeable in the area. With this in mind, we have reached out to others and accessed resources to expand our knowledge and are doing so in the absence of ego. The ego will get in the way of our success. Mental Fortitude Mental fortitude in this context is staying power. The United States society is one in which individuals are accustomed to "getting it now" and "how they want." Unfortunately, when it comes to changing the body, not to mention many other goals, this is not going to happen. The training process takes time. Generally, people do not gain weight, experience health problems, or develop poor habits in a short amount of time, so to think that these can be remedied in a few weeks is ridiculous. While certain successes can be achieved in a few months, most people will need to dedicate 12 months or longer to reach their end goals. After this, they will need to continue the process to maintain their success. Some potential clients walk through our door expecting us to provide them with a quickly created program that will magically get them to their goals. Others expect that a few weeks of training will teach them everything they need to know to complete the process on their own. We did not gain the skills and abilities we have today from a quickly created program or a few weeks of training. We developed our skills and abilities over years and continue to develop them today. In order for you to be successful, you must have mental fortitude. In the current context, we mean staying power. You cannot expect to lose 80 pounds or even 40 pounds in 4-16 weeks. You can't expect to build a lean muscular body by doing a few sets of curls and overhead presses. You cannot expect to improve your performance just because you "go 100 percent in the gym" every time you exercise (indeed this will lead to chronic fatigue and injury.) It just does not work that way. At the same time, you must understand that the process does not always go according to plan, but if you stick with it, you will achieve the end goal(s). Beyond staying power, meaning keeping at the process over time, you must have the mental toughness to put the work in, to get hot, to sweat, to be sore, to listen to the trainer, to complete the program properly, and to do all the things you need to do to succeed. Do this and you will succeed. Choose not to do it and you will come up short of your goal(s). If this seems negative, it is not meant to be. We are trying to inspire you by putting this information bluntly. We hope that this message inspires you to do what you need to do to be successful.

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