Bodybuilding Sucks for Strength Gains?

Some people believe the bodybuilding does not build strength. Recently, we've seen popular media that states as much. At the same time, some individuals think that bodybuilding is only good for building muscle, that bodybuilding is only for vain people, or that bodybuilders are all muscle-bound meatheads.

None of these statements are true.

We write many of these blogs together since we have similar experiences. Both of us started our workout life with a bodybuilding style of program. We speak from personal experience when we state that bodybuilding can help you increase strength, increase muscular endurance, improve fitness, and, of course, build muscle.

When Nathan started working out he just kind of did whatever, like many newbies, and had limited results. Once he began to follow a structured bodybuilding style of program, he increased his bench press from 135 pounds to 205 pounds, improved his muscular endurance (which benefited his labor-intensive job), improved his fitness (which made all activities easier), and added 20 pounds of muscle to his frame.

When Grace first got serious about getting in shape, she followed a bodybuilding program designed by Nathan—this was, of course, before she started training others—and saw impressive results. In one year, she put on 17 inches of muscle, increased her deadlift from 135 pounds to 205 pounds, and improved her overall fitness. She improved her fitness so much that she ran circles around guys at her labor-intensive factory job!

The definition of a vain person is "having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth." While we do take pride in our looks and worth, we do not overvalue ourselves. We understand our limitations.

We are not meatheads. We're not the smartest people in the world but we're not the dumbest either. Nathan is an intuitive, college-educated man while Grace is a woman capable of effectively analyzing situations for decision-making.

Bodybuilding can help you increase strength, increase muscular endurance, improve fitness, and, of course, build muscle. Is it the best for building maximal strength? No. This is a point we do not argue. The overall goal of bodybuilding is to build muscle.

There are many different methods for building strength, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman training, and Olympic lifting. Each has additional benefits and pros as well as cons.

We don't shit on training and exercise styles. Most have merit and can be beneficial to people. We encourage you to find the style that works for you, is safe, and that you enjoy. That's how you will achieve success.

If you need help with bodybuilding or are just interested in trying the training and exercise style, gives us a call, send us an email, or contact us through social media.

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