Don't Listen to the Haters

As a guy who's been working out for over 15 years, I've come across many people who had an opinion about exercise and me. Some people have been supportive, and some people have not been.

At times, people have said disparaging things aimed at bringing me down or making me feel like less of a person. It can be hard to deal with. Even people close to me have, at times, made derogatory comments. People have called me a meathead, said I must be on steroids, or thought I must have all this free time since I work out.

None of these things are true.

I started working out to get in shape and continue to do so for the same reason. However, over time I found more reasons to keep doing it, such as increased self-esteem, stress relief, fun, and social interaction. I work out because I love it.

I've never taken steroids and have no interest in doing so. The closest I've come to steroids is meeting people who use and quizzing them about their use. I have an interest in the different aspects of health, fitness, and athletics, even the "dark side." I do not promote the use of illegal items.

A meathead is a person who is "a stupid person" by most people's definition. This is not me. Am I the smartest person in the world? No. Am I among the elite in IQ or overall intellect. No. But I'm not stupid either. I am an insightful, analytical, and intellectual man who is college educated. I regularly take new classes, earn new certifications, and try to expand my knowledge so that I can grow as a person and better help others.

I have free time. So do you and everyone else. I also have responsibilities. So do you and everyone else. Even when my plate is full, I find time to workout. For example, one Friday I went to work at 5:00 a.m., worked until 6:00 p.m., went to the gym until 7:30 p.m, and then went home, studied for my Saturday morning class, and ate dinner before spending time with my wife and going to bed. It's not that I have a bunch of time, it's that I make time.

The thing is, people are going to talk trash. They do so because they are insecure in themselves, they're very competitive, or both. The desire of a man or woman to bring another man or woman down, "one up" them, or otherwise prove themselves superior says more about them than the person they're trying to bring down. Let them be them. You be you.

Life is a road, and we're all traveling it alone. We meet people along the way. You can't base yourself on what other people think. Be respectful of other people and kind to others, but base what you think of yourself on yourself and only compete with yourself (outside of true competitions like sports, of course) and be happy with who you are.

If you need help working on your self-esteem and improving your life, you can reach out to Grace or me. We help people not only improve their health and fitness but improve their life.

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