Here we go again...

If you followed us in the past, you know we had a blog attached to our local website, With the last iteration of that site, we did away with the blog and decided to focus our energy on the newsletter—you can subscribe to it here (it's awesome by the way). We decided it was time to get back to blogging, as a way to reach more people, so we're starting a new blog on this site, We hope the blog will help you in your health and fitness journey.

We'll post about a bunch of different things, and the blogs may not always be connected to each other, but they will always have helpful information. We encourage you to read these blogs, comment, start a conversation, and ask us questions. By doing so, you help us help you more.

That's all we have for now. Look forward to the new blogs that come out. If you have topics of interest, questions you need answered, or anything else health and fitness related that's on your mind, let us know and we'll work it into the coming blogs.

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