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Pregnancy Plan

Grace with baby Amelia after her pregnancy
Grace performing a back squat
Image of Grace several months pregnant

My name is Grace and I am a mother who worked out during her entire pregnancy. I also happen to work with other people pursuing their fitness goals and have a wonderful husband, Nathan, who helped me work through my pregnancy. Together, we can help you work through yours.

Let me (briefly) tell you about my pregnancy

Pregnancy was a great moment in my life. My husband and I were in the love-bubble (more than usual), I was realizing my dream of becoming a mother, and the move to have another child (I have a step-daughter) also signified the level of stability in our life. In short, life was good.


Overall the pregnancy went well, but with each passing month, my training and nutrition program had to be adjusted. Let me explain.

Changes to training

As soon as I got pregnant, parts of my program had to change. While some contraindications for exercises are suggested by the medical establishment, these did not affect me too much due to my level of fitness as well as the type of training program I used.


In the first quarter, the biggest changed I needed to make was mental. I needed to be hyper-aware of how my body felt. When working out, I am always aware of how I feel and manage intensity appropriately, but as a pregnant mom-to-be, I felt the need to be even more focused. Honestly, I may have been a bit too aware, but it is better to be safe.


As I moved through the first trimester and into the second trimester a few things occurred. Toward the end of the first quarter Amelia (our youngest daughter) was sitting low and causing back pain. I had to pull back in most workouts due to this, which was frustrating (as was the pain itself), but I did what I safely could. Thankfully, the baby moved and this experience was only a couple weeks in length.


Around this same time, certain exercises began to create greater pressure on my mid-section. There was no pain per se, and no danger (all doctor visit showed no issue), but I wanted to be cautious. The deadlift and the pull-up were two of the main exercises I experienced an issue with. I could still complete the deadlift but had to reduce the intensity of deadlift sessions, which meant reducing weight/volume as needed or taking longer rest periods. I had to stop the standard pull-up and only do assisted pull-ups. I modified other exercises as well.


As the second and third trimesters progressed, more of the same occurred. I had to reduce weights, volume, and in some cases eliminate all exercises. For example, I had to remove running as it became too awkward. Running was replaced with biking, but even that was problematic sometimes. That said, I was able to keep working out for the duration of my pregnancy, only stopping a couple days out from the planned c-section (I ran into complications, which you can read about in our Post-pregnancy plan).

Changes to nutrition

I had to make fewer changes with nutrition, but to some degree, those changes were more annoying. I did need to change my calorie intake slightly, in that I needed to increase it to help support the baby.


My nutrient profile was already where it needed to be in terms of gram intake for proteins, carbohydrates, and fats as well as micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.). I lived and still live a healthy lifestyle, so these were things I already accounted for. Plus, Nathan worked with me to help make sure we had considered everything and had the right numbers in place.


The annoying thing about nutrition was I experienced indigestion from certain foods that were not a problem pre-pregnancy. For example, I love tomatoes, but anything tomato related—raw, sauces, etc.—gave me terrible indigestion (think heartburn). Also, occasional bouts of morning sickness disrupted eating patterns and I had to be mindful for this.

The point

My point is, like most pregnant women, I experienced issues during my pregnancy. At times, it was frustrating, but I worked hard and Nathan supported me to find solutions that allowed me to experience the best pregnancy possible.

How I can help you

I have been where you are at. You want to keep working out and eating right, but pregnancy has changed things. Whereas Nathan and I had the know how to adjust training and nutrition, you may not and could use help doing so. At the same time, maybe you have a doctor or midwives/nurses who do not understand the unique needs of a fit woman who happens to be pregnant. We ran into this issue as well. While more doctors today understand that a fit pregnant woman has unique differences from an unfit pregnant woman, there is still a long way to go. Maybe you just want moral support in your training during pregnancy from someone who understands what you are going through. Regardless, I can help you work through training and nutrition during your pregnancy.

What you get

The pregnancy plan includes:


  • A plan customized to you based on what your goals are. This may include cardio, strength work, mobility, etc. and the plan can be home-based, gym-based, or made for women who travel regularly. Your situation helps determine the plan we make for you.

  • Unlimited support from me via messages. I will reach out to you at least once a week, though often more frequently, and you can contact me at any time to ask questions, voice concerns, or just talk about some of the anxieties you face with working out, planning for pregnancy, etc. I am here to help.

  • Form video review-we analyze video of your exercise form and provide feedback; we schedule these reviews every two weeks but will complete more or less frequently as needed

  • The program comes with a nutritional portion that includes what you need to be successful. The nutrition part is flexible in that we can create a detailed meal plan for you that includes all foods, times, etc. or provide you with specific calorie targets, specific macros targets, meal timing suggestions, food suggestions, etc.

  • To help assess progress, tracking tools for nutrition, exercise, body stats, and more are included. Easy to read charts allow you to see each exercise entry, body stat entry, etc. and see how your numbers trend over time.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly review of your program and progress-each day, week, and month we'll review your workouts and make adjustments as needed. We will also review your body stats, nutritional strategy, etc. and adjust as needed based on how well you are progressing.


If you are ready to get started, hit the button below to sign-up. If you have questions, email me at, or if you prefer to speak with Nathan, send a message to

Three Months

Payments are recurring until canceled. You can cancel at any time. Review our intake documents which include terms of service here.


Once you submit payment, you'll receive a verification from PayPal noting that you paid for the program. Within 24 hours, excluding weekends, we'll follow-up with you to begin the program.

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