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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is our all-in solution that delves into underlying issues in thinking, meaning it is more involved than any of our other nutrition or training services. The cost is $250 per month.


Health and wellness Coaching focuses on not only activity and nutrition, but on other things that prevents you from being successful. At times, everyone stands in his or her own way. 


We will provide exercise and nutritional strategies as part of the coaching process, but also weekly communications that focus on mindfulness in other areas, such as stress management, positive thinking, and understanding that true health includes the body, mind, and the life you live.


To be clear, this service is not for someone who just lacks motivation. If that is you, our other nutrition and training services are more in line with your needs. This is also not for mental health conditions such as depression.


Instead, Health and Wellness Coaching focuses on issues in thinking that get in the way of health and fitness, such as emotional eating, anxiety about exercise and nutrition, fear of the process, and a lack of knowledge about what to do. Most clients who fit this category are significantly overweight, in poor shape, and have a harmful emotional connection to food.


We'll help you discover why you get in your way, if others are playing a role in this, and help you develop a strategy for moving beyond your roadblocks and moving down the path to success.



With this service, you receive:


  • Initial consultation and assessment

  • Weekly online health and wellness coaching sessions

  • Custom 12-week exercise plan

  • Custom 28-day meal plan

  • Adjustments to the plans

  • Access to our web app to track exercise and nutrition progress

  • Unlimited messaging via the app

  • Video analysis of your exercise form 


What to expect from Health and Wellness Coaching


After you pay for the program, we send you an email confirming payment. You will then receive emails from DocuSign and from the app we use. You'll visit DocuSign to fill out the new client intake documents and visit the app to set-up your account.


You can view more information about the forms and app here.


Once you are set-up for the app and the documents are complete, we set-up your consultation with your online coach.  During the session, we discuss your goals, review information provided in your intake documents, and begin to delve into why you have been unable to achieve your goals. The exact topics covered vary based on your goals and needs. This session ends with us providing you steps to complete on your own before our next conversation, steps which begin the process of you reaching your goals.


Dependent on the nature of your goals, you will complete steps that allow us to create your plan, including but not limited to nutrition tracking for up to two weeks, submitting body stat data, and providing information about food preferences.


At this point, the process is entirely customized to the client. This means all follow-ups, messages, and interactions will address the unique issues the client presents. No two people are the same, nor are their goals, barriers, and other situational factors, such as fitness level. For this reason, we cannot state exactly what will happen during the rest of the process, except to say you will have follow-ups, review and adjustment of your program, ongoing communication via the app, and our full attention to help you reach your goals.


During the entire process, you have 24-7 access to us via messages. We generally respond within a few hours but will respond in no more than 24 hours


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Need help or want more information?


Message us using the contact form on the homepage or you can learn more on the About Us page, the Reviews page, the FAQ page, the Screenshots and Forms page, or the Privacy Policy page.

The plan is recurring until canceled. You will be charged monthly. You can cancel at any time.

Review our intake documents which include terms of service here.


Once you submit payment, you'll receive a verification from PayPal noting that you paid for the program. Within 24 hours, excluding weekends, we'll follow-up with you to begin the program.

What our clients are saying


Victoria L - It's been almost 2 months since I started with Nathan. I've been on the health and wellness program, which is both nutrition and fitness with a focus on getting over hurdles like emotional eating. Nathan has been awesome! He's so patient with me, motivates me, answers my millions of questions, and takes the time to explain why he's handling the program the way he is. He has taken all of the guess work out of this journey and is setting me up to know how to do this for myself in the future. He's never made me feel out of place, when often that's exactly how I feel when I start a new workout program. I love the app that they utilize because it's all at my fingertips.. what I'm supposed to eat, what my workouts look like, watching my progress, getting a hold of Nathan. I can't say enough good things about him, his knowledge, the program he's created for me. 

I've always felt like I "knew" how to eat healthy, but Nathan breaks it down for me. He answers all of my questions, has taken into account things I don't want to eat and the things I do want to eat, and has taught me how to substitute and flexibility in eating right. It was amazing to me how much better I felt just by eating right.. it sounds so obvious. Eat better, feel better. But it was still amazing to me and not having to think.. do I eat this or should I eat that? It's actually become more convenient to eat healthy! 

His fitness program has gotten me back into the gym and reminded me of all the things I used to love about it. When I came to Nathan, I was running on high stress and even mentioned I wasn't sure how much time I had to dedicate to fitness but that I would try my best. He was very patient with that and the gym has become my place to get away from all the stress.. he's very motivating and I usually wake up to various messages from him throughout the week motivating me on my workouts. He asked in my intake paperwork about my past fitness history (very little) and what I do and don't feel comfortable with. He's done great at pushing me without making me uncomfortable and I am so grateful for him.

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