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$150 for 3 months

12-week customized training plan
Three-month access to our training app
We enter the workouts onto your calendar

Access to video library

Tracking tools for workouts, body stats such as weight and body fat, and nutrition

Unlimited in-app messaging

Monthly adjustment of program

Customized Workout Templates

Workout templates are ideal for people who want freedom and lower costs with their exercise plan. We offer two types of workout templates, customized and non-customized each with more or less interaction with us, depending on what you need, and varying features to meet different needs of different people.


Do understand that if you are unfamiliar with exercise, significantly overweight, or have another aggravating condition such as an injury, the workout template may not be the best option for you—one of our full training programs would be better. That said, you can still purchase the workout template.

What to expect from our Customized Workout Templates

You receive a customized plan as well as access to the training app and a trainer for three months. This option is ideal for individuals who enjoy using technology and/or want ongoing support from a trainer. You have full use of every feature in the app as well as unlimited ability to ask questions, regular review of your program, and changes to the program over time.


Regardless of the options you choose, your workout plan:


  • Is customized to you

  • Is built around your schedule

  • Focuses on the type of exercise you like (e.g. bodybuilding, running, powerlifting, cross-training, etc.)

  • Follows the principles of exercise programming such as specificity, periodization, progression, variety, etc.

  • Is 12 weeks in length

  • Will help you reach your goals


The program will be built according to your skill level, among other factors. Why is this important? This helps determine:


  • Frequency of training (number of sessions per week)

  • Length of sessions (time spent during a single session)

  • Time between sessions (number of rest days between workouts)

  • Total rest days per week

  • Type of exercises included

  • Volume (exercises x sets x reps)

  • Rest intervals (how long you rest between sets/exercise)

  • Type of progressions (which variable changes over time)

  • Rate of progression (the pace at which intensity increases)


With one of our programs you can expect one or more of the following results (depending on your goal):


  • Strength improvements (higher one-rep max)

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness (able to go further, longer)

  • Increased muscular endurance (the ability to do more reps)

  • Loss of body fat

  • Increased lean body mass (muscle)

  • Increased speed (faster run times, bike times, etc.)

  • Improved overall fitness

What you get with the app

The training app we use is a super useful tool that will save you time and effort. With it, you can track your workouts on your customized calendar, view the exercise library, assess progress through helpful charts, and connect with quickly and easily. Below are a few screenshots and video examples of the app. 


  • Workout plan customized to you-a plan customized to you is the best plan to help you reach your goals

  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results, etc. using the mobile or desktop versions of our app

  • Personalized workout calendar-all your workouts and other reminders on an easy to use digital calendar

  • Workout tracking-see your workout progress, stats for specific exercises, and more

  • Body stat tracking-track and view changes in your weight, fat, body composition, and other numbers

  • Nutrition tracking-connect your MyFitnessPal account and view your food tracking alongside your workout tracking

  • 24/7 access to us via the app message system-send us a message at any time

  • Access to video library-hundreds of videos illustrating proper exercise form

Screenshots of the training app

Training plan example - Desktop view
Workout builder - Desktop view
Progress tracking example - Desktop
Messaging example - Desktop view
Meal Plan example - Desktop view
Client calendar example - Desktop
Schedule activity - Mobile view
Client calendar example - Mobile
Personal best stats - Mobile view
Plans window - Mobile view
Exercise stats - Mobile view
Client dashboard - Mobile view
Cardio tracking - Mobile view
Nutrition summary - Mobile view
Workout example - Mobile view

Video clips of the training app

What our clients are saying


Brandon B -I've been working for Nathan about 3 months and can say his service is top notch. He is incredibly responsive to any questions I have throughout the week and is always willing to make adjustments to the program to suit my needs. I've worked with several trainers in an online capacity and can say hands down Nathan has provided the best experience

Talia Z - This online training program has been more than satisfactory for me. I used to think of myself as a runner, but with Nathan’s help, I am lifting heavier and heavier weights and and starting to redefine how I view my athletic identity. I highly recommend using his services as he is also kind and supportive!

See more reviews here.

Payments are recurring and charged once every three months until canceled.

Review our intake documents which include terms of service here.


Once you submit payment, you'll receive a verification from PayPal noting that you paid for the program. Within 24 hours, excluding weekends, we'll follow-up with you to begin the program.

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Need help or want more information?


Message us using the contact form on the homepage or you can learn more on the About Us page, the Reviews page, the FAQ page, the Screenshots and Forms page, or the Privacy Policy page.



$150 for 3 months

12-week customized training plan
Three-month access to our training app
We enter the workouts onto your calendar

Access to video library

Tracking tools for workouts, body stats such as weight and body fat, and nutrition

Unlimited in-app messaging

Monthly adjustment of program

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