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How cardio workout programs can help you to lose weight?

As we all know Cardio is one of the most effective type of workout. It not only helps us stay lean but also show off the muscles. But when it comes to weight loss, you have to decide what type of cardio to choose. So, in this article we will talk about the best cardio workout programs which could help you lose weight and get your desired body.

When doing exercise at home it is very important to plan it in a proper way. Don’t start without a proper plan. You need to include a full body cardio exercises to get the best results. If women are doing cardio then they must follow a weight loss plan for women. You just need to search the internet and there are several plans that you can use. These plans are based on a certain criterion such as a height, weight and other things.

Top 4 must include cardio exercises that you cannot leave out of your workout plan

Below given are 4 very important cardio exercises which cannot afford to skip from your workout plan. These are very effective for men and women both. These may seem very basic, but even the most top rated instructors find them very effective.

1) Sprinting

Sprinting is one of the most effective cardio exercise that you need to include in your cardio workout program. The best thing about sprinting is that you don’t need any equipment to do that. You can do it anywhere, anytime. As a high intensity cardio, sprinting help you burn more calories in comparatively less time.

2) Rope jump

As a kid, we all used to rope jump for fun. But do you know it is a very effective cardio exercise which you need to include in your cardio workout program. You don’t need to have any special skills to jump rope. And its super fun too. You may fall-off once or twice. But if you keep up with patience, then you can become good at this in a few weeks.

3) Plank

Planking is a super exercise. It is especially fun to do if you love challenging yourself. You may not be able to hold your body for even 10 to 20 seconds initially. But if you keep at it for a little time, you will surely take it up to 1 minute. So practice is a must. Planking helps you strengthen your core and helps you get a flat belly. So, it may contribute a lot to get the perfect body you want.

4) Cycling

In this era of four bikes and four wheelers, people have forgot the importance of cycling. But here we are talking about the cycling that we do in gym. Though if you have a bicycle than nothing could be better than that. Cycling burns calories from your thighs. Most weight loss programs for women include cycling as it is very helpful in losing fat around thighs.

So, these were some very basic yet effective exercises which you should include in your cardio workout program. These will immensely help you to get the most effective results.

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