How to add 10-20 pounds of muscle to your body this year

Building muscles does not have to be complicated. With all of the information available on the web, filtering out the good from the bad, the applicable form inapplicable, can be hard and frustrating. This writing focuses on making the process less frustrating for you by providing easily understandable tips for how to add 10-20 pounds of muscle to your body this year. Have reasonable expectations You cannot expect to put on five pounds of muscle per month. This means you would add 60 pounds of muscle per year, which is illogical and not supported by anything we or other professionals in the industry have seen occur. Sure, you can add 60 pounds of weight in a year, but at least half of that

Learn more about our Online Strength Program

We offer a variety of online training and nutrition services, including our training programs, which are our Online Strength Program, Online Cross-training Program, and Online Running program. We also offer workout templates and nutrition services, but we will cover those in another post. For now, we want to talk about our Online Strength Program, Build strength, muscle, and fitness Whether you want to build a lean athletic body, build strength for a sport, become a bodybuilder, or just want to get strong for personal satisfaction, we can create a program to fit your needs. Our programs for strength training are ideal for everyone, including men, women, runners, athletes, and the averag

Here are the two reasons you fail at nutrition

I want to talk about nutrition right now. Specifically, I want to talk about underlying issues that affect people and that cause them to have ongoing issues with nutrition in general, with weight loss, and with any such topics that you want to throw in there. What I am not going to focus on is motivation. It goes without saying that the first and foremost is thing a person needs is motivation. Whenever we talk about any topic motivation is an underlying necessity. Pushing motivation aside for the moment if somebody struggles with nutrition, with troubles with weight loss, with eating for health, etc. there are two underlying issues. This applies whether the person 300 pounds or 125 pounds, m

How to improve fitness and performance

We program exercise for the average gym goer in a manner similar to how we program for athletes. By that, we mean we create a structured plan that takes into account situational factors of the clients (goals, physical condition, time constraints, etc.) and is progressive in design. Any trainer should take the same approach if he or she programs for you and you should take the same approach if you program for yourself. If you just wing it in the gym without a solid workout routine, you'll have some progress if you push hard enough and make enough of the right choices, but the progress will never be the best it could. If you go to a gym enough, you'll see the people who take this approach—th
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