Our goals for 2020

This is Nathan writing today. Through our writing we periodically share out goals for the year, reflect on our past goals, and cover what went right or wrong. This is another of those posts, but this time I want to also share how we balance everything, not just how we focus on our fitness goals. Balancing all aspects of life is something every person must do. While some people do not believe in work-life balance, every day a person balances all aspects of his or her life, including work, family, and other area such as health and fitness. Whether we call it work-life balance or just life, the balancing act is still present. We are no exception. For this writing I am going to speak mostly

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We are Nathan and Grace DeMetz, the proud owners of Nathan DeMetz Personal Training and the associated sites demetzonlinepersonaltraining.com and nathandemetz.com. Both of us have years honing our fitness as well as helping others improve theirs. This experience combined with our credentials enables us to help almost anyone achieve the goals they seek. We provide personal training services to all kinds of people, including the average client seeking improvements in health and fitness as well as amateur athletes focused on improving physical performance. We also work with fitness models, persons going through physical rehabilitation, and other individuals from time to time. As your o

Start here on your nutrition journey

When it comes to any physical goal that you want to achieve, whether it's improved health, improved fitness, improved performance, body composition changes, or some other goal, you have to consider nutrition. Now there are some people who say that you can out train a bad diet and to some degree that is true as long as that diet gives you enough of the things that you need to fuel yourself. That said, in the end you are going to be limited by your nutritional approach. The best path to any physical goa has a plan and for the best success, that plan includes some focus on nutrition. The more focused you are on nutrition for your goal, the better your success will be. The amount of focus va

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a concept that has been around for some time. In recent years, the term has become associated with CrossFit, cross-training, and the functional training programs available in gyms and online. However, these programs may or may not be functional fitness, as what is functional is relative to the person. Functional fitness defined Functional fitness is the ability to complete physical work relative to the physical demands placed upon a person. The more physical ability the person has to meet these demands, the fitter that person is in a general and functional sense. If a person’s job requires them to sit and type, while home life requires the individual to walk, lift k
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