How to reach your New Years goals every year

The new year is here and most people have some kind of health and fitness goal. The path to reach any health and fitness goal has steps you must take if you want to be successful. Read on to learn the steps must take this year and every year to reach your health and fitness goals. Set a goal Whether you want to be a bodybuilder, lose weight, or simply start a new workout routine for general fitness, goal setting is the paramount activity in reaching any goal. If you don't know what your goal is, you cannot create a plan to work toward it. This applies to anything in life, whether work, school, training, nutrition, relationships, or other tasks. For example, it is not uncommon for someone t

Learn more about our Online Cross-training programs

We offer a variety of online training and nutrition services, including our training programs, which are our Strength Program, Cross-training Program, and Cardio program. We also offer workout templates and nutrition services, but we will cover those in another post. For now, we want to talk about our Cross-training Program. Become the fittest version of yourself Cross-training is the combination of two or more training styles. The reason for cross-training can be that you have dual goals, such as bodybuilding and powerlifting, that you compete or want to compete in a sport like CrossFit, or you prefer variety in your exercise. Regardless of the reason, as your online fitness train

How to figure out the nutrition strategy for you

Thoughts about nutrition are a part of our life, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Every day we focus on our nutrition and the nutrition of other people. At the same time, we regularly review new nutrition “trends” and nutrition strategies (or diet plans, if you prefer) while also revisiting nutrition related topics or strategies with which we are familiar. We do this to make sure we are informed and providing ourselves and out clients the best nutrition advice possible. We don’t want to ever be able to say we gave bad advice, let alone bad advice because we were not informed. At times we will not be up to date with certain nutrition information, but we want to limit these oc

Our workout programs

This is Nathan writing today. Periodically we share the programs we use to achieve goals and this writing is another one of those instances. Today, I want to talk about our current workout programs. The key word there is "current," since our programs change over time. What we do now is not what we did a year ago and likely will not be what we do a year from now. For example, I ran 1000+ miles in 2018, this year I will run about 500, and in 2020 I will run 1100-1200 miles. So, let us jump into it. To understand more about our programming, you have to understand our goals. The goals Grace and I have are significantly different but equally important to us. My goals and current related stats

Digging into the foundational movements—part 3

Today we wrap up our conversation about the foundational movements. Part 1 covered what the foundational movements are, why we selected them, and muscles used by them. Part 2 looked into some of the many variations of these exercises and provided examples of how to program them into your workouts if you do not have significant limitations. This final part focuses on programming for if you are someone who does have significant limitations, such as bad joints, poor mobility, or low levels of strength, among others. If you have not read the first two parts, do so now by clicking the linked sections above. Types of limitations About 50 percent of the clients that start with us have some kind of

Workout templates - A high-value low cost online training option

We offer a variety of online training and nutrition services, including our customized workout templates. We want to talk about this service now. Customized Workout Templates Here are a few details: 12-week customized training plan Three-month access to our training app We enter the workouts onto your calendar Access to video library Tracking tools for workouts, body stats such as weight and body fat, and nutrition Unlimited in-app messaging Monthly adjustment of program What to expect from the Custom Workout templates You receive a customized plan but also receive access to the training app and a trainer for three months. This option is ideal for individuals who enjoy using technology
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