The best diet for you is the one that works

When we consider the various diets or nutritional strategies, or the many other names for the same, we have to consider the body of evidence behind each. However, doing so is a task in itself. For every nutritional strategy—from ketogenic to veganism to paleo—there is an overwhelming amount of data, even for us. Among ourselves, we regularly consider the pros and cons of various nutrition plans (as well as exercise plans and other health and fitness topics—but that is another newsletter). We discuss the proposed pros and cons of each with an open mind. Among consideration are the supposed health benefits of each and the supposed health concerns of each. At the same time, we think about eas

How to improve your 10K - training program included

Running milestones are relatively straightforward and look something like this: Mile 5K 10K Half-marathon Marathon Obviously, those distance are not the only distances or milestones a person may have, but each is common to the broader running community. This applies in personal goals but also in competitive settings. The mile and 5K might are milestones the new runner eagerly awaits, but the 10K and beyond may seem intimidating. A 10K is far from the longest run personally or competitively, but it is the first run that tests a persons mental and physical endurance. It is the first “long run” that most people will complete. While it may seem like just the next step in training, moving from
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