Why is nutrition so hard?

The reason nutrition is so hard is the same reason anything else is so hard—engrained behaviors and motivation. Most of the time, these two categories go hand-in-hand to determine if a person will be successful. Other factors can play a role as well, but these two concepts are always underlying. Engrained behaviors Engrained behaviors are inner mental workings, ways of thinking, etc. that govern how a person acts. These personality traits rest on a subconscious level influencing every decision a person makes. This is not to say a person cannot be aware of these habits, as a person can be aware of many of their inner traits. That said, these behaviors are often not easy to change, even if a p

How to improve your mile time - training program included

Running a mile and improving mile time are two of the most common initial goals for new runners. However, many people begin the process with no plan. The logic is usually “I will run a mile multiple times per week and try to run faster every time.” This approach might work for a while, but ultimately is not a plan for long term results. A structured plan is needed for any goal, even one that may seem simple to most people. While running a mile might seem like a simple goal, running this distance consistently over time, multiple times per week, seeing progress and doing so without injury takes some planning. There are many plans on the internet, from providers such as Hal Higdon and the

How to lose weight - overcoming roadblocks

One of the most common goals for any client entering personal training is weight loss. Almost everyone wants to lose fat around the midsection, get rid of the dreaded and oddly named “batwings,” or see less dimples in the thighs. For most of the population, adding weight is easy. Fast food, high calorie snacks foods, and social eating all contribute to this may making eating a common past time during which high amounts of calories are easy to consume. Losing weight is difficult for those same people. Most people view the difficulty as something physical, which has some merit, but the most difficult underlying issues is the mental part of losing weight. If you want understand more about t

Digging into the foundational movements—part 1

If you've been subscribed to the newsletter, read our blog, or followed us on social media, you know we have specific foundational movements that are part of any program we create. These are: The overhead press The hip-hinge The squat Running Now we want to dig deeper into why these are our foundational movements and how to get the most out of them. This first part will recap what the movements are, why everyone needs to be able to do them, and muscles worked by the exercises. The second part will delve into examples of the exercises, possible exercise programming options to include these exercises in your workouts, and how to do so to maximize the benefit of the movements. The third part wi
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