5 tips for building strength

Building strength is a simple subject that is often made complex due to the internet. Everyone has an opinion and different coaches use different approaches. People debate which approach is best, flex egos, and confuse the issue more due to this. Really, all strength programs work. The argument about program superiority is often a matter of context. For example, a powerlifting program is ideal for a powerlifter, while that same program may not be ideal for the soccer mom who has no interest in powerlifting. The soccer mom may benefit from a generalized approach to strength that includes more variety in lifts, includes calisthenics, and uses a wider variety of rep ranges. This does not mean e

A plan to improve your 800 meter sprint - training program included

Running 800 meters is a competitive event in high school, college, and professional competitions, including at the Olympic level. At the same time, improving the 800 produces physical ability that can transfer into other runs and other sports. For example, improving 800-meter pace can help a runner overtake a competitor in a 5K or help a receiver in football move faster to make a touch down. The 800 meter run requires a combination of speed and endurance, best trained through a combination of short distance and mid-distance run training. This program supplies such an approach. Included in this writing is a six-week training program intended for persons with running experience, though a new r

Women and lifting weights - Facts instead of myths and bias

This writing is for the ladies. Gentlemen, you can probably skip this. I want to help you become strong without becoming big. Most of you will not need to worry about getting big or "bulky" as some people may call it. To add size to your frame, you need to consume excess calories—eat more calories than you burn and in significant amounts—in conjunction with weight training and do so for an extended period. That said, I’m going to provide you with ways to increase strength, add minimal amount of lean mass, and lean out over the course of this program. In the end you will become a leaner, stronger version of yourself. The key to success lies in your hands. Your desire to accomplish these

What is mobility (with suggested exercises and videos)?

Mobility and flexibility take on various meanings with different people. For the sake of this text, I will focus on our definition of both. Mobility is the ability of the joints to move in their full range of motion and for the joints of the body to move in unison to enable activities such as running, weightlifting, and doing yard work. When a person can extend their arm overhead to full extension without issue, that is mobility. When a person can rotate his or her wrist, that is mobility. Flexibility is the ability of a tissue to stretch in its full range of motion. This is the given range of motion that a person is currently capable of moving. For example, if you can touch your toes
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