A simple but effective powerlifting program for big strength gains

If you are interested in powerlifting, you are looking to become stronger and more powerful; there is no question about it. Whether you are looking to become a competitive powerlifter or simply want to become stronger and more powerful for personal reasons, the basics of powerlifting remain the same. For some, thoughts of a powerlifter bring to mind heavyweight men who lift heavy poundage. It may bring to mind fat bellies and round faces. Now, while there are many powerlifters who fit this profile, not all do. There are many smaller, leaner men and women who engage in powerlifting. A person does not have to be "big" to be a powerlifter. Whether you are big, small, or somewhere in between

How to improve your 5K - training program included

Running a 5K is a running benchmark for many people. The distance is the most commonly contested run across America. For example, as of this writing which occurred well in advance of publication, race-find.com listed 510 races for May 11, 2019. Think about that, 510 5K races occurred on one day in May, and that numbers only includes the races listed on Race Find. It is likely many other non-listed 5Ks occurred on that day as well. Improving your 5K requires a mental commitment (dedication), time commitment, nutrition necessary to fuel performance, and a proper training plan. If any of these elements are missing then your progress will be less than ideal. The best approach to optimizing th

Download my workout program for free

This is Nathan writing. Through this document you can download my current 13-week training cycle. As of writing this I am 4 weeks into the program. A switch up in my program Commonly, I follow the same base program for 6-9 months. In 2018, I followed a plan that was heavily focused on running. At the same time, it had a single, high intensity day of lifting, a resistance based conditioning day, and two days of light to moderate effort gymnastics/calisthenics work. Over the course of 2018, I ran 1000+ miles, or 19+ miles per week. My high weeks were in the mid-30s, while my low weeks were in the 10-15 range. The program was the most aggressive running program in which I ever engaged, and th
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