Fitness after 30 - it is not all downhill

Many of our clients are 30+ years of age. They are parents, people with careers, and have myriad life responsibilities. We are essentially in the same place, with the specifics of our situation the difference. This is Nathan, age 39, writing solo again to discuss the idea of fitness after 30. In our society, the age of 30 is an oft-dreaded milestone. A common joke is "it's all downhill from 30." That statement is only true if someone does not take care of his/her fitness and health. If we consider lifespan as 80 years and divide that time into three sections for young, middle-aged, and senior, then 0-26 years is young, 27-52 is middle-aged, and 53+ is old. This is not the official defi

The importance of the squat to lower-body strength and mobility

Squatting is one the most beneficial resistance training movement you can perform. The squat helps develop lower body strength, muscular endurance, power, mobility, and muscle when completed with the proper volume, resistance, and overall intensity. At the same time, when you perform squatting exercises, you engage you all parts of core—front, back, and side—as well as your mid to upper back, arms, and shoulders. The only parts of the body not engaged by the squat are the pecs. Squatting helps every person perform everyday activities by improving his or her lower-body performance. This is not performance in the sense of athletics, but rather regarding performing daily activities. If a person

The supplements we use

This is Nathan writing to cover a topic that is always hot and often controversial, which is supplement usage. I am going to keep things simple and discuss our supplement use as well as the logic behind it. A few initial thoughts First, let me say that we use what we use for reasons specific to us, and just because we use something does not mean you need to use something. Also, with few exceptions, most new trainees do not need supplements and really probably should not use supplements until he or she has a solid training as well as nutrition plan in place and made gains without them. Second, we believe too many trainers push supplements for personal gain or because that person used them

Battling common health problems - Start living better today

In this writing we are going to address common health problems that people face: Obesity Diabetes Declining fitness Each of these issues often play host to other common ailments such as high cholesterol, joint problems, heart problems, and hormone dysfunction. By making lifestyle changes, such as improved eating, more activity (including but not limited to exercise), minimizing or eliminating alcohol and smoking consumption, and tracking health markers, a person can prevent or combat obesity, diabetes, and declining fitness, as well as all of the issues that come with these. Let us brief delve into each topic. Health problems—battling obesity Obesity is a "hot word" in the world today, es

A simple yet effective bodybuilding program - training program included

A bodybuilding program focuses on increasing strength and size. While some people argue bodybuilding is not good for increasing strength, they are wrong. While activities such as powerlifting and Olympic lifting are better geared toward improvements in strength, if a person completes a bodybuilding program and increases resistance over time, then that individual will see improvements in strength. It’s simple adaptation of the body to imposes demands, namely an increase in resistance used. At the same time, due to the volume of work completed in conjunction with the types of exercise and body part focused approach to training, bodybuilding style of training is ideal for building a muscular

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