A few considerations for your running program

Becoming a better runner focuses on two key areas: speed and distance. When speaking of speed, I'm referring to the time it takes you to reach the finish point from the starting point. Distance refers to the length of a run in miles, kilometers, or another measure. Definitions Speed definition. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary speed is: the rate at which someone or something moves or travels the rate at which something happens or is done the quality of being quick That is as good a definition as any other. Speed can also be considered an expression of power. Sprinters are powerful. When speaking of distance, I speak of endurance, both muscular and cardiovascular. However, when I s

Example 200 meter sprint program

In training ourselves and our clients, we utilize a variety of cardio programs. This 200-meter program is an example of one approach we may use. The layout is not meant to be a “gold standard,” but instead is just one possible approach. The program can be used to give you ideas, can be followed as designed, or can be modified. For example, you might use this as a rough layout for incorporating 200-meter work as standalone training or as part of a bigger program, followed it as designed as a standalone or as part of a bigger program, or modify it by combined it with longer distance runs and/or another form of training, such as strength training. As you work through this program, keep the

Things to consider when designing or selecting a training program

Below are a few points to consider when designing a program. To build or choose a program, you should understand the key points included below. I go over them briefly in the bulleted section and then revisit them in a bit more detail in the "Understand the rules" section. Physical assessment The assessment should include, at a minimum, assessment of the foundational movements (overhead press, squat, hip-hinge, running), but also include anything specific to the desired style of training or known issues. Determining the program Based on the assessment, goals, and other situational data, you need to create a program that is custom-tailored to the client. Creating the program When I create a pr

You are not too old

Age is a defining factor in program development and progress, but not the sole determinant. To be more specific, the results of life on the body over time is something I consider with all programs, in that I look at the client's physical condition. The older a client is, the more time he or she had for life to wear the body down. Even the fittest people will wear down over time, us included. While we’re very fit, the cumulative effects of training, environment, genetic timers, etc. have affected the physical condition of our bodies. Age does affect training As humans age, the body undergoes physical stresses related to external and internal factors. For example, internally, cells wear down
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