How the hip hinge helps fitness and everyday living

At Nathan DeMetz Personal Training, the hip hinge is one of our foundational strength movements. Paired with squatting and overhead pressing, these three movements lay a foundation for all other movements. In that statement lies our logic for listing these movements as foundational—if a person can complete these three movements, all others become easier; if a person cannot perform these moments, all others become harder. You may not be familiar with the term "hip-hinge" but you likely perform this movement every day. Simply put, the hip-hinge is a forward bend at the waist during which the hips move forward and backward or into extension and/or flexion. The hip-hinge is not the only movement

Workout frequency: How often should you workout

If you've ever wondered how often you should workout, whether for resistance training, cardio, or another type of training, you're not alone. This is a common question and one we get from people on a regular basis. The simple answer to the question is you must workout with enough frequency to engage the adaptive ability of the body, but not so much that you overtrain. However, you must also consider your schedule, skill level, physical abilities, and other situational factors. At the same time, your goal(s) play a deciding factor as well. Considering adaptive ability The body is a machine that will adapt to external stimuli such as resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and mobility w

Learn more about our Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is our all-in solution that delves into underlying issues in thinking, meaning it is more involved than any of our other nutrition or training services. The cost is $250 per month. Health and wellness Coaching focuses on not only activity and nutrition, but on other things that prevents you from being successful. At times, everyone stands in his or her own way. We will provide exercise and nutritional strategies as part of the coaching process, but also weekly communications that focus on mindfulness in other areas, such as stress management, positive thinking, and understanding that true health includes the body, mind, and the life you live. To be clear, this He

Fitness after a setback

Setbacks happen in life—in careers, relationships, finances, and of course, fitness. As with any setback in life, the goal when facing a setback in fitness is to find a way to move forward. Fitness setback can occur for myriad reasons—an injury, pregnancy, time constraints, familial responsibilities, etc. The setback can be major or minor, acute or chronic. Regardless of the setback circumstance, the goal when facing a setback in fitness is to find a way to move forward. This is Nathan writing today and I want to talk about continuing fitness after a setback. Grace and I have both experienced setbacks in our fitness lives—the process has not always been smooth sailing. We both experie

What is fit

Most of our clients and likely many of you reading this include improving fitness among their goals, but what is fit. With so much technical information, personal opinion, and marketing ploys, determining what fit is as well as what level of fitness a person should strive for can be difficult. Let us jump right into it. Fit is not an appearance Some people believe fitness is a certain appearance, but there is no truth in that statement. While some people who are fit also have a nice physique, the two are not necessarily connected. By that logic, some people believe a person who is overweight cannot be fit, but that is not necessarily true either. For example, a person might be 5'11" at
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