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Every fit person has a fitness journey. Some are drawn out and dramatic while others are simple. We briefly shared our fitness journeys a few times through newsletters and blogs, but we want to revisit this topic again for people newer to the blog. My Fitness Journey This is Nathan I'm writing this newsletter solo today. I could start this blog off with how I can from a single parent, low-income home or cover how I was in and out for trouble with the law in my younger years. I could even talk about substance use issues I had in my teens and 20s. But who really wants to hear that. Sure, maybe it would be more inspiring, but to me, it would seem like an attempt at a sob story and to make th

What is clean eating?

Clean eating is one of the most common, yet widely misunderstood, concepts in the health and fitness industry. When discussing clean eating, people will commonly denote clean eating as consuming certain foods or eating in a certain way. For example, some people believe that clean eating is eating whole grains, lean sources of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Other individuals believe clean eating is avoiding processed foods or eating organic/non-GMO foods. Still, others think clean eating is following a specific diet such as veganism or Paleo. All of these ideas have merit on the surface, but all are false as standalone statements. Clean eating is a combination of things, including con
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