How to not fail this year

Failure or success for any person in anything is up to that person. While other people can help or hinder an individual progress toward any goal, those external influences cannot stop someone from being successful or make someone successful. Each person reading this, and the people writing it, are in control of their respective lives. At Nathan DeMetz Personal Training, we realize our success in business is determined by us. We must have the motivation to market ourselves, create quality programming for clients, and complete all other tasks we need to, such as hiring SEO services or assistants that can help us get work done. Running a business is hard. While some people think all we do

A quick guide to eating better

Nutrition is important regardless of a person's goal. How important it is depends on the specific goals. Now that might seem odd to you, but understand different goals require a lesser or greater focus on specific areas of health and fitness. For example, if you are going to be a runner, you don't necessarily need to engage in resistance training, but resistance training can help your running progress. A few general ideas As applied to nutrition and exercise in relative terms, you might be well-served to think like this: For general weight loss: nutrition, specifically calorie control, is more important than activity, but activity helps For fat loss: nutrition and resistance exercise are e

New Year, new me and other terrible resolutions

The New Year inevitably brings about resolutions. If you know anything about us, we dislike the idea of New Year resolutions. Do not get us wrong, we believe in goal setting. We want everyone to set goals and work hard to achieve them. We want everyone to be the best they can be in life, through improvements in interpersonal relationships, financial management, and, of course, fitness, as well as other areas, such as personal awareness. However, most people that make New Year resolutions do not stick with them. The problem with New Year resolutions is most people treat the New Year as the driving factor for the goal, instead of making the goal the driving factor. When thinking about the g
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