Our goals for 2019

Some of you have been subscribers to our newsletter/blog for years, so you know we are proponents of goal setting, plan creation, hard work, and program assessment. We apply this idea to ourselves and clients. This is Nathan and I am writing solo today to talk about our goals for 2019 but also our goals for 2018. It might seem odd that we are already reflecting on 2018 and planning for 2019, but again, if you have been a subscriber of ours for a while, you know we are proponents of goal setting, plan creation, hard work, and program assessment, as well as the fact that we reflect often, plan in advance, and do not wait until the last minute. This writing will briefly look back at our g

The road to improved fitness and performance

We program exercise for the average gym goer in a manner similar to how we program for athletes. By that, we mean we create a structured plan that takes into account situational factors of the clients (goals, physical condition, time constraints, etc.) and is progressive in design. Any trainer should take the same approach if he or she programs for you and you should take the same approach if you program for yourself. If you just wing it in the gym, you'll have some progress if you push hard enough and make enough of the right choices, but the progress will never be the best it could. If you go to a gym enough, you'll see the people who take this approach—these are the people who come in d

Countdown to 2019 - Part 1: Reaching your goals

The end of the year is fast approaching. Like many years, the past 12 months passed by rather quick for us. We review our progress in life and fitness in an ongoing fashion throughout the year, but as the fall draws near, we begin to take an even closer look. The idea is to asses how the year went so far, if we have reached or are close to reaching our goals, if we need to change something to reach our current goals before the end of the year and to begin setting our goals and planning for next year. What we think about We may think about any number of topics during a review, but inevitably a few categories come up. How are we doing financially? How are we doing in our relationship? How is
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