Think you're good with nutrition—think again

Think you’re good at nutrition? Think again. Many people erroneously think they understand what “good” nutrition is, but they do not. Too many times we’ve heard people make stupid statements in an attempt to show they have good nutrition: I eat organic I don’t processed foods I’m a vegan I eat pretty good I eat clean All of these statements don’t mean you have a good nutrition strategy or that you’re “good at nutrition.” Saying you eat organic simply means you eat organic, and all that really means is that your food is GMO and pesticide free. That does not mean you have the proper calorie intake, macronutrient intake, food choices, and food timing. A person can make any of the five listed st

Why the overhead press is essential to upper-body strength

For true full-body strength and overall fitness, a person must have a capable upper-body. This capability includes muscular strength and endurance as well as mobility. Without these things the quality of life a person enjoys will be diminished and the activities of daily living (ADLs), let alone performance in other activities, will be harder. When speaking of upper-body strength, the overhead press can provide significant benefit. What is the overhead press? The overhead press refers to a wide category of exercises that work the arms, shoulders, back, core, and to lesser degree, the lower body. The overhead press can help develop anterior (i.e. front of body) and posterior (i.e. rear of bod
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