The countdown to Summer: Did you meet those New Years goals?

Okay, so it’s April and the summer is approaching quickly. We want to ask you three questions: Did you meet your New Year’s goals? If you did not yet meet them, since some goals do take time, did you at least get started on them? For the goals you started but did not yet complete, have you been putting in the necessary effort to reach them? Each of those questions are important. Generally, a person has multiple goals each year. Some will be quick and easy to complete while others will take time, but all take an honest effort. The three questions touch on these ideas. Did you meet your New Years goals? If your answer to this is no, you have to consider why. If the reason is you are working to

Accountability Part 2—the role your immediate family plays

As we stated before, you are the main person responsible for your accountability and the individual who, in the end, determines if you are successful or not. That said, the people in your life can play a role in your success. Ideally, the person closest to you should play a vital role in helping you reach your goals. For this writing, we want to consider immediate family as person with which you have regular contact and with whom you discuss goals, obstacles, etc. Obviously, this could be your significant other, kids, and other persons who live in the same house with you, but this also includes other people who don’t live in your home, but who you have frequent interactions with. Family memb
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