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We are Nathan and Grace DeMetz, the proud owners of Nathan DeMetz Personal Training and the associated sites demetzonlinepersonaltraining.com and nathandemetz.com


Both of us have years honing our fitness as well as helping others improve theirs. This experience combined with our credentials enables us to help almost anyone achieve the goals they seek.


We provide personal training services to all kinds of people, including the average client seeking improvements in health and fitness as well as amateur athletes focused on improving physical performance.


We also work with fitness models, persons going through physical rehabilitation, and other individuals from time to time.

The Average Joe

Our client base primarily consists of people 30-60 years of age, with 75 percent 40+ years old, and 50 percent 50+ years old. Most seek weight loss, improvements in health, and a general improvement in fitness. Many of these people have outstanding health conditions, ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes to meniscus tears to amputations. We help each of them work on their health and fitness regardless of their health conditions or overall physical condition.

The Amateur Athlete

Our client base consists of strength athletes, marathon runners, and other individuals. We help them improve performance directly, such as improving run time or weight lifted, while also developing performance indirectly, by working on weak points and inefficacies. 

Nathan demetz

Birthday: 03/07/1980

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 181-185

Nathan started working out at the age of 21. His goal then was just to get in shape, but over the years a desire to push his fitness to new levels and test himself in new ways has driven his passion to continue.

Nathan practiced bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running, CrossFit, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, gymnastics, and calisthenics over the years. He now combines these different training principles into a singular methodology for his training.

Nathan has personal experience with being the "hard gainer," having added 80 pounds to his weight, taking him from 135 lbs to 215 lbs at his heaviest. He hovers at 180 now as he feels it is the best weight for him, while also maintaining a body fat percentage equal to or less than ten percent year-round.

Nathan's best athletic performances include but are certainly not limited to:

  • 345-pound bench press

  • 500-pound back squat

  • 535-pound deadlift

  • 380-pound front squat

  • 285-pound clean and jerk

  • 6:40 one-mile run

  • 21:52 three-mile run

  • 1:16:33 9-mile run

  • 40:34 Murph (1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1-mile run)

  • 12-second handstand

  • 6-second back lever

  • 50 pull-ups

Additionally, Nathan competed in lifting competitions, bodybuilding competitions, and cross-training competitions. Check out a few training videos below.

Nathan DeMetz cross training
Nathan DeMetz weightlifting
Nathan DeMetz sprinting

grace demetz

Birthday: 07/01/1986

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140


Grace is a walking, talking example of a woman who fought being overweight and unhappy, who is now a fit mom that worked out through pregnancy and understands the difficulties that women face.


At the start of her health and fitness journey, Grace had to lose almost 40 pounds to drop weight that had slowly kept on over the years. The weight gain and body issues made her battle insecurity, and she struggled with a desire to get fit and lose that weight. In the end, she got around the mental blocks, put in the work, and built the body she wants.


During pregnancy, Grace was determined to keep in shape. She listened to her body, pushed where she could, pulled back where needed, and managed to keep working out for the full term. This helped her stay in shape for her entire pregnancy and bounce back from pregnancy once she gave birth via c-section.


She was back in the gym after just two weeks and is on the path to her pre-pregnancy weight and fitness. Additionally, she currently runs five days per week and is back to lifting, being able to deadlift, clean and jerk, and complete other lifts with respectable weights. She looks forward to working hard to reach her goals.


Grace practiced bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running, CrossFit, boxing, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu over the years. She now combines these different training principles into a singular methodology for her training.


Grace's best athletic performances include but are certainly not limited to:


  • 225-pound deadlift

  • 125-pound front squat

  • 110-pound clean and jerk

  • 9-minute mile

  • 5 pull-ups

  • 60-second headstand

  • submitting Nathan during jiu-jitsu practice

  • blacking both of Nathan's eyes

  • almost breaking a few of Nathan's bones



Check out a few training videos below.


Who we help

Below are a few examples of people we helped over the years.

Though we help many average people who have busy lives achieve goals they may not have thought possible, we also work with athletes at the amateur and college level.


If you are an athlete, contact us to find out how we can help you improve your strength and conditioning, as well as overall fitness, for competition and life.

Kate G.jpg


Kate had multiple physical and behavioral issues when she came to us. These issues included insulin resistance, an ankle recovering from surgery, knee degeneration in both knees, and she had gained about 30 pounds.


On top of the physical issues, Kate, who was just 29 years of age, had convinced herself she would not be able to complete certain tasks, such as a body weight squat and thought she would never dance again (which is how she hurt her ankle).


In just several months, we helped Kate face the mental roadblocks, develop and implement a training plan, and meet all of her goals. She got down to a weight lower than her highschool weight, enabled her to squat as well as complete other movements, and even got her dancing again!


It was a life-changing experience for Kate. 

Snapshot 1 (7-22-2013 8-43 AM).png


As a college department head and busy professional, Kevin worked out a few times a week but struggled to meet his aesthetics and performance goals. His problem was a lack of knowledge and backward thinking.


Through face-to-face and online training, we helped Kevin drop 10 pounds of fat, gain 10 pounds of muscle, learn how to run as well as improve this running performance, and improved all of his lifting numbers in under six months.


On top of that, Kevin learned more about training and nutrition, improved his mental outlook, and overall has a better approach to health and fitness. He took this knowledge with him and continues to practice these methods today.


It was a life-changing experience for Kevin.

Jane R.jpg


Jane is a busy lawyer with two kids, a husband, and a busy social life filled with personal events, kid activities, and other responsibilities. She came to us looking for a structured resistance program, but got so much more.


Due to the mentality needed for her profession, Jane has a self-proclaimed "macho" attitude that is both a strength and weakness. Previously she had some physical and mental setbacks due to applying this all-in mentality to training. We helped her realize how to apply this mentality to a training program without overdoing it.


Through the use of intense periodic training followed by scheduled pull-backs, Jane not only improved her strength, but also her run performance and overall fitness. For her, the process was not so much a life changer as an eye open, as she now sees a better way to approach training to maximize her time in the gym, but also to balance health and fitness with life responsibilities.

Chris C.jpg


Chris has spinal stenosis and scoliosis, which as lifelong spinal conditions. When he started working with us, he was almost 300 pounds, could not stand for more than 10 minutes without pain, and was not fit in any sense of the word.


We worked with Chris to understand his issues, including previous experiences with doctors, physical therapists, and nutrition experts, to formulate a plan that meets his special circumstances. Through these steps, we were able to help him achieve results he never achieved on his own.


Chris lost almost 60 pounds, improved his mobility, improved his strength, and improved his fitness to the point where he could walk/jog 2.5 miles and bike 7+ miles.


It was a life-changing experience for Chris.

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